How to check Upload download speed, Network name

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Can some help me out on below queries .

1.How to check upload and download speed in Uipath
2. How to check network name(what kind of network we are using?)

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For both your requirement I feel lke running command line through batch file might be the best solution.

Create batch file using notepad and saving it as YourFile.bat

For :

  1. Run command “ping yourWebsiteAddress” and you will get the results.
  2. Run Command “ipconfig /all” without quotes and you will get the results.

Well you might ask how to save them in a text file for you to extract and use it.

Redirect the results to a text file or something in this way : “ipconfig /all > c:\My_directory_address\network_NameAndInfo.txt” without the quotes in your batch file.

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PS : To run that batch file use ‘Start Process’ activity with the full path of the YourFile.bat

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Thank You.

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Hi, @Niraj_Chandra,
Pinging the IP Address.xaml (12.8 KB)

Please find the attachment and rewrite the ping variable with your IP Address.

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Thanks a lot baisilgee

netsh has a lot richer information. It can be used to distinguish between WiFi/LAN/Mobile Connections

netsh lan show settings

and a few hundred other variations

To Measure Upload/Download speeds is a more hit and miss proposition.

You can copy a File to a known location and measure the time.

Best Way is to a client/server LinkSpeed Test there are still variables with this but it will be repeatable.

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