Copying directory copying directory from network location

Hi All,

I’ve some issue while copying directory from network location.

I’ve multiple folders in network path I can copy everything it’s fine using invoke method image

And noticed one of the folder has more than 1000+ images(34 Mb) which is took more time to copy can you please advise how can I increase speed.

I’ve tried with mapped network instead of \ slash still it’s very slow.

Please advise do we’ve any other fastest way to copy media folders /copy multiple directory please share.

Start xcopy as process:


Also check robocopy mirror option:

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@moenk Thank you so much am very new to UIpath will check and let u know also do u have any sample

Hi All experts,

Ple help me with sample code.


First of all you need to use xcopy or robocopy with the parameters you want to, try in the command line of windows. Then you use the start process activity like in this example:


A simple example for that.
xcopy.xaml (5,6 KB)


Hi @moenk,

thanks for the example it’s really help can u please advise which screen i should indicate here image in the example image not available.

Look at the selector - it waits until xcopy is done.

Hi @moenk,

Nothing is copied from source and target folder :frowning:

Well here it did - I dont even know what you tried.

Just changed the path of source and target from u r example but it’s not copied any files or folders

I still dont know what you tried, what is your source, what your target? Dont forget trailing backslashes. Do you have xcopy on your system?

xcopy (3).xaml (6.2 KB)

attached Xaml and i’ve xcopy.exe on my pc

it’s working now thank you so much

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