Copying a video link and convert into a mp3 on another site

Hello, guys! I have to make a little bot for an interview and I began the beginner’s course. The more I learn about it the more complex I find RPA. So I thought about creating a little robot that will go to youtube and search for a specific video, copy its link, go to another window or open a new tab, access a youtube downloader and converter, convert the video, and download the mp3 in my pc. Is this possible?

I don t know how to make the robot copy the link from the http:// bar . I tried with data scraping and I extracted the link in a excel row, but i don t know where the csv file is and what to do next or simply it’s not the good way or it isn t possible.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Hi @DianaElena30031993

Yes it is possible.

  1. Use Open Browser activity giving it youtube URL
  2. Use Type into activity to search for video
  3. Use Click activity to click on any video
  4. Once you click on the video, Use Send Hot Keys activity and send F6 this will select the url or you can have a click activity on address bar this will also select URL then send another key Ctrl + C, this will copy the URL to clipboard.
  5. Use Get from Clipboard activity you will have the URL now.
  6. Open another browser with URL you have in variable from Get From Clipboard activity.
  7. Click on convert


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Well, when I open the second browser shouldn t open the converter link and then get from clipboard into the paste section?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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Ok It worked.Somehow but it did :smiley: Thaaaanks

@ prankurjoshi Now it doesn t work anymore. :expressionless: I don t get it. Would be so kind and tell me whyyyyy?

Can you please attach your workflow

Main.xaml (24.1 KB)

Ok so, it simply doesn’t copy the link to clipboard. I know I can simply insert the link in Type into activity but I don’t want to. And the last open App activity doesn t work, but I ll remove it .

Thank you :slight_smile: Have a great day!

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See this its working at my end-

Main (2).xaml (24.6 KB)

Just I didnt get what are you trying to achieve with Open Application. I think you just want the name of the song that is recent

If yes then there is no need to use open application


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Ok, Prankur, thanks a lot! I think I understand what Comment out is doing :-/

I just want to open the song to play it :D. Like to simply open it.

Have a nice weekend, and happy birthday to Romania (today is Romania’s National day)!