Can't extract URLs from youtube

Hei guys,

I just started a project to learn more easily uipath: I want to convert&download all songs from a Youtube playlist on another website.
I tried to make a .csv with songs url but the problem is that while exctracting by using Data Scraping, the generated link doesn’t have an url form wich can be used to converter site.

So I decided to make it more simple:
1.Open a tab with the first song from my playlist.
2.Copy the URL from address bar and insert it into the other page (from where I convert it and download).
3.Close the page after finishing the download.
4,Hover & click on the next button (on youtube)
5.Copy again the url from address bar (here it goes back to step 2->3…). I used a “Decision”, if the current url is different from the first one, he can go forward.

The problem is that when I selected the field from the address bar, the url from the first song was there, so after pressing on the next button, the program can’t recognize and copy the next url. (he tells me that he can’t find the old one)

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Hi @Razvan_Florin_Dutu,

Refer this post may helpful,

To download videos from youtube - #2 by Aravind


Thank you, I downloaded that example, but is not what I want to do. :smiley:
I want to download an entire playlist.

I wrote a csv file and I created another string with in front and the extracted value.
It worked.

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