Copying a marked text with hotkeys

Hi UiPath

I am creating a process, where the robot is opening an e-mail, and with hotkeys finding the line, where there is a part of a text to copy. I copy the text part with the hotkey command ctrl+shift+arrow left.
I am copying text from Microsoft Outlook.

My problem is, that when I have marked the text with the hotkey command, the next thing the robot should do is copying the marked text with ctrl+C. When the robot is using the hotkey with ctrl+C it does not copy the text, but it opens a window for “creating a new user”.

This command is normally accessed in Outlook by pressing ctrl+shift+C, but the robot does not press shift in the hotkey. I dont know why it wont just copy the text instead of opening this window. What can I do to make it copy the text, so I can insert the copied text in a spreadsheet? (And is there an easy way to enter it in a spreadsheet?)


@Kekth, Have you tried

  1. ctrl+shift+c - lowercase
  2. Copy Selected Text activity
  3. Scrape it if none of the above is successful

Dom :slight_smile:

ctrl+shift+c in lower case still causes problems. I used Alt+ctrl+C and it somehow worked :slight_smile:

I tried scraping first, but it was not the way to go.

I hope I find a way to insert the copied text to Excel spreadsheet :slight_smile:

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It copies the text now, and then it enters it in a spreadsheet :slight_smile:

Now I want the robot to loop/continue the process, and get textparts from all the other e-mails in a folder. how can I do that?

Here is the address and housenumber from the e-mail. How do I get it to jump to next line and fill in the data in B3, and A3?(and so forth from every mail?)
The robot copies the text via “copy selected text”
And then I use variables to store these values in :slight_smile:

And then I use the command “Write cell” to insert the two variables (vejnavn and husnummer)

So any ideas to how I can make the robot open every mail, and then copy the data, and fill the copied text into the cells all the way down? :slight_smile:

Regards Kekth

@Kekth, Then you can set an integer variable and initialise to 2 - The first cell you wanna start writing. Then followed by incrementing the count variable for writing down to next cell . That can be passed to cell property.

If I am not clear, refer these

  1. Datta Iteration in Excel
  2. Write variable text in Excel cells, one by one with COUNTER
  3. How to write variable value in next available cell in an excel column?

Dom :slight_smile:

I am not that good with Uipath, so where/how do you want me to type this in?

@kekth, Have you referred this ?

  1. Create a variable Count - Integer type - Default Value = 2
  2. Write Cell : In cell property use “B”+Count.ToString
  3. Assign : Count = Count+1

Example :

  • Initial -> Count = 2
    Cell Value = B2
  • (Count=Count+1) -> Count becomes 3
    Cell Value = B3
  • (Count=Count+1) -> Count becomes 4
    Cell Value = B4

Dom :slight_smile:

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I tried this, but it just moves the text far down the spreadsheet L

Can I send the workflow to you? I cant upload it on the forum page.



Sure :slight_smile:

Why ? :thinking:

Dom :slight_smile:

It wont let me upload for some reason.

Do you have an email I can send it to? J If you want to look at it/help me?