Ctrl + c hotkey combination not working


I selected a range to be copied in Excel. Ctrl + c send hotkey activity was working perfectly fine but I am running into issues now and the clipboard doesn’t seem to have the data which was copied.


You can use the read range activity and set a specific range, it’s the best way to extract data from excel, no need to use hotkeys


I don’t want the data to be read into a data table. I need to copy it on the clip board because it needs to be pasted into another application.

@meghna.b.das - Can you please try this outside of Uipath.

Copy anything first…and try windows+V(Clipboard paste)…when you hit this key it will show the list of all the items copied…

Like this…

This way , first you can make that you items are captured in Clipboard.

Hi @meghna.b.das did u use Ctrl+C or Ctrl+c?


Just enable SendWindow Message then u will able to copy.

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Hi, I did a select range for the Excel range and sent the hotkey with SendWindowMessages selected in the property but it seems to be copying only the first cell. For example, I selected range “A2:E3” and sent ctrl+c. But it only copied and pasted A2.

@meghna.b.das - I dont think select Range will copy all the items to clipboard…

I just tried to check this…

And the output I received is


So you have to pass the write key strokes to select that range…

Please check here…please download the sample at the bottom and check …

@meghna.b.das - Here you go …I have tested this and working…

  1. Excel application scope
  2. Use Browser/application
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts…
  4. Get From Clipboad
  5. Message box



To get Keyboard shortcuts and Use application/browser activity, go to settings → Design → Turn on “Use Modern for new projects”…

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@meghna.b.das - did you get a chance to try ? If so, please mark as solution and that will close this thread.

Thank you @prasath17 . This worked out perfect :grinning:

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