Copy selected text : One or more errors occurred

Periodically occurs an error occurs “Copy selected text : One or more errors occurred.” in different sequence of the robot.
If we restart robot then this sequence performes without error.
The script takes turns processing incoming bills. On one payment, an error occurs, the next is not, and then it can happen again.
Before launching the script, clipboard is cleared.

Copying fields is an important element of the script, miss this when an error can not be.

Can someone come across this? What could it be? And how to eliminate it?

Hi @oukhobotova

Whenever it happens, could you post a full error message? Normally there should be a Copy to Clipboard button.
It would also help to know your exact environment, such as Studio version and all relevant version of the activity packages.

Launch of the skrip is done via Launch Workflow Interactive, so the error is visible only in the logging line.
The full text of the error is missing. I don’t know where I can see it.
In Message Details there is:

“message”: “Copy selected text : One or more errors occurred.”,
“level”: “Error”,
“timeStamp”: “13:15:07”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.6569.21999”,
“fileName”: “Start_v5”,
“jobId”: “2aa3e9e2-1d30-48ed-99ec-f2d75fb7bf69”,
“robotName”: “CROC\RGENNADIY”

Studio Version 2017.1.6435 Community Edition

What happened to this? Did you figure this out? I have the same problem.
There is a field that has focus. I want to copy the text there. Sometimes, it works and other times, it gives an error “Copy Item Number: One of more errors occurred.” This error message is not descriptive at all, and it doesn’t help us find what is wrong.

Also, it seems that if there is no text there, the error happens too. Is there a way to fix this?
I have an open field in my application, and the user can choose whether or not to fill in the field. If they did it, I need that value. If not, I also need to know that nothing has been filled. Does this “Copy Selected Text” activity only work if there actually is a value?

I wanted to do something like:

Copy Selected Text activity → Output (Property): result

if result.length = 0:
…//Do something
…//Do something else

Hi @tomato25

I would suggest updating your packages versions to make sure the issue is not already fixed in the more recent version (that is, if you are not already on the most recent one).

It would also help if you could paste here the full error message as well as basic environment details (your UiPath Studio version).