[BUG] Unable to copy error messages

Look at the attached picture.

When I get an error message in an activity prior to executing o debugging, there’s no way I can selec the text explaining the error itself. This is useful when Googling for the error, specially if it is a long one. The tooltip error message disappears when you try to right-click on it, move the mouse pointer or whatever. The one in pink/red on top of the activity properties window is unclickable and unselectable.

Hi @pere ,
You can use screen short, use “Search any image with Google Lens”
in here you can extract text
but I hope in next version, product team can update it, we can copy it

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Haha! Of course @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 … I prefer directly typing the text my own, but I appreciate the suggestion. Of course, the idea would be that they fixed the issue so it’s possible to copy the text!

Thanks for your feedback. We will add a copy to clipboard icon in next release.

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