Copy paste range between excel workbooks using Studio CopyPasteRange activity

We have a usecase where we have to copy specific columns from one excel workbook and paste those columns into another workbook. Say, that we want to copy columns from Test1.xlsx to Test2.xlsx.

We analyzed the following approaches for this usecase:

  1. Using StudioX activity - UiPath.Excel.Activities.Business.CopyPasteRangeX.
    This satisfies the requirements but has the drawback of having very scarce documentation for the DataTypes(Classes) being used for Workbook, Sheet and Range.
    Moreover, we want to use only Studio-specific activities in the project.
  2. Using Invoke Code activity and use the classes/methods available in Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel namespace to copy/paste range across workbooks.
  3. Using Studio activity - UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExcelCopyPasteRange.
    We wanted to check if this activity works across workbooks. We tried specifying different workbooks’ sheet names and source and destination ranges referring to source and destination workbooks.
    However, we could see that this activity does not work across workbooks.
    It seems to work only within a workbook - i.e. the activity allows to copy columns from one sheet to another sheet within the same workbook only.
    The documentation for this activity also does not mention anything about copying across multiple workbooks.

Can anyone confirm that the Studio activity “UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExcelCopyPasteRange” works or does not work for copying across multiple workbooks?
If this activity does not work, is there any other Studio-specific activity that can copy/paste range across workbooks?

it will work across multiple excel workbooks but you have to use one more use excel file in the main use excel file activity this way you can directly refer source and destination

hope this helps



I don’t think ExcelCopyPasteRange can copy range b/w 2 workbooks.

Now, CopyPasteRangeX is standard activity for Studio - Modern Design.
I recommend to use CopyPasteRangeX in this case.