Copy data from excel and paste into another formulated excel

From SAP application, we have to download the report copy the data from downloaded sheet and paste into another formulated excel. Using of write range activity, its taking time around 4 minutes to write the data into excel…
Any suggestion for simply the time consume ???

Hi @kiransubrahmanyam :wave:

Try this:

  1. Use the Kill Process activity to close all the Excel processes before writing.

  2. If you are using Excel Application Scope then, uncheck the ‘autosave’ property and use a Save Workbook activity, inside the scope. This will ensure not to autosave the file every time, it writes something.

  3. Close the Excel file by using Close Workbook activity after writing.

This should help you! Let me know if you are facing any issues!


I tried, but same issue. please find the attached snapshot.

Maybe this will help you:

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@kiransubrahmanyam did you try that? Did it work?

Could you please check the data format which is downloaded. The data may be have unknown or special symbols or the issue with formulated excel.
Please verify the report output data in UiPath before copy the other excel file and verify the formulas

Copy paste range will work, its a same file, if there is 2 different excel files, Copy the data from once excel and paste in to another, will it work for copy paste activity…

Hi @kiransubrahmanyam,

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You 2 options. To copy the data one excel file to another excel file. you can use the below one.

  1. Use this one.It will copy only the data
    How to copy one excel row to paste in another excel update row - #2 by balupad14

Video demo :

  1. Use this one.
  • Use “Copy to File” to copy the sheet one excel to another file.
  • Use the copy-paste activity .

Thank you

BalaReva.excel activity is 3 rd party package right. Its not uipath activities.

we cannot use those 3 rd party packages. Is there any alternative solution.