Copy paste range between 2 excel sheets without changing cell/content format


I am trying to copy particular range of values from Excel 1 to Excel 2. But while writing range in Excel 2, it is not retaining the cell formatting(cell color codes) in Excel 2.

Currently I’m using read range and Write range activities to copy paste the content.

Is there any other alternative that I can use to retain the color codes and other formatting.

PS: I cannot copy/paste the entire sheet, because the sheet in Excel 2 contains other data as well.


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Try checking the preserve format property of read range @SudhakarAs92



Use Copy Paste Range Activites

We can use write range but as you mentioned sometimes it emissary with format
So let’s do one
—use COPY FILE activity where mention the from path of your excel1 and in destination mention your excel2 filepath
—now we are ready with the new file with all same records as we have in excel1
—but we need only few records right
For that we can rather remove the rows we don’t need
Using Insert/Delete rows activity where we can mention the no of records to be deleted and from where it should start deleting

Hope this would help you
Cheers @SudhakarAs92

Hey @amaresan,

Is it possible to use this for different workbooks? I know it is available for different sheets within the same workbook, but I am having issues for different workbooks. Please advice, thank you!

Same question with you

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Invoke vbnet code to implement data’s copy&paste is the fast. If someone need the sample i can paste it.

Please help with vbnet code.