Copy/paste range activity

how to use copy paste range activity, can you pls help I am trying to copy entire csv file to excel .xls file

Hi @r0818 - You can achieve this with simple activities

  • Read CSV activity to read CSV data
  • Write Range activity to write the data to excel file

Note: It is better to maintain xlsx file instead of xls file

Please check the below workflow (2.7 KB)

Hi @r0818 ,

You could maybe also try with the below Component :

but its not copying headers from CSV. I checked has headers


In read csv and in write range in both the places please check the checkbox of add headers in the properties. Then you would see the headers


@r0818 - Dod you check Add Headers in Write Range Activity

Hi @r0818

You can try this way,

  1. Read the entire csv file using read range csv activity. “Inputpath.csv” YourDT —> ReadDT
  2. Next Write range activity put the file path like “Yourpath.xls” Note: add headers enable
  3. Finally your csv file write to xls.