Read CSV file and write as Excel

Hi Guys, Kindly assist me on the activity.

How to read a CSV file and write file as Excel.

Thanks in advance.

hi there, you can follow this video on converting a csv to excel.

@sharon.palawandram Thank you so much for your assistance. It worked for me.

And i have another question, when it converts, it doesn’t add the headers into the Excel. How to include headers also.

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Hey @Mugesh_Anbalagan
In the Write range activity property panel there is an option called add headers please check that property if it is unchecked.It will help you to write the datas into an excel with the headers.
Thanks and Regards.

Hello @Mugesh_Anbalagan
While writing data to excel and you need to consider first row as header row, then you need to check the Add header in the property of write range activity.