Copy paste activity behavior

When I copy-paste an activity, I expect it to be copy-pasted at the cursor location (for instance).

In practice, it seems to happen at a semi-random location, sometimes a full screen away from where I was.

@P_Botrel it’s not clear to me what is your problem.
what do you need to do?

When I paste an activity, I’d like the activity to be paste at the cursor location, instead of being paste somewhere I might not see. Especially in a flow chart.

And you have this problem also using the right mouse click?

I believe it currently pastes below the currently selected element.
image image

Thus, you just have to make sure to select the element under which you want to paste and it should be more predictable.

Can you point out scenarios where this is not true / broken?

When I use a flowchart for example. If I select a node, it won’t copy-paste near the node, but near the last “non-flowchart” element I selected (like an assign).


Otherwise, if I don’t select anything, it’s semi-random. While what you say seem to be true when I select a non-flowchart activity, I still expect it to be under my cursor if nothing is selected, I believe it’s the natural UX interaction.

Thanks for clarifying, I noted it for our team to consider.