Flowchart activity: Auto set boundary and Copy-paste

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I am working in the Flowchart activity. I am adding including sequences, flow decision activities inside the flowchart and developing the logic.

  1. Boundary: I observe the flowchart bottom boundary remains fixed unless I manually increase the scope or decrease. How about the lower boundary of the flowchart, if it auto aligns with the last available activity within the flowchart? Like how the Sequence activity works. If, I have set a large scope of Flowchart and after adding required activities I still find large amount of space and then I have to manually reduce the scope to align better. Can this be auto-set? Will that help the developers? I see it will certainly help me!
  2. Copy-paste: Consider the instance of copy-pasting activities from one flowchart to another. As of now the copied activities gets pasted not where I want but gets copied to some unexpected part of the flowchart scope. If this can be also be set to be pasted where I wanted, that would be great.

I am not sure if this is currently possible in any of the later versions; if yes, please enlighten.
I am using 2019.4.4 version.


It does currently have a minimum width and height, and it will grow if an activity is close to the boundary, but as soon as your mouse is over the boundary it doesn’t see you as dropping it within the Flowchart activity. As it is now, it’s much faster to manually drag the sizing handle.


Given two Flowcharts, if I copy and paste between them it seems to keep the coordinates of the activities copied.

Flowchart 1

Flowchart 2

Select two activities from FC2, copied… switched to FC1, pasted. The positioning and flow lines are in the same position.


This is testing with 2019.10.4, I don’t recall the behavior of earlier Studios. The last version I used was 2018.4.5.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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