Copy target

I would like to have a feature where I can copy the targetfrom one activity to another - preferable just using the clipboard.
So the idea is:
You have an activity that is failing and would like to wrap it in a Check App State, or need to enter something in a field you just copied text from, or something like that. One activity is already set up, and you need to create another pointing at the same element.
I would like to be able to right click and select “Copy target” on one activity, then right click another and select “Paste target”. The second element should then point at the excact same target, with selector, element, offsets, everything being copied.

Thanks for reading.

Hi @kbak

Would you mind sharing some simple mock-ups of the desired interaction? I’m not sure I got this correctly :slight_smile:

Thank you @kbak for the improvement advice, we added it in our tracking system and will be adressed in a future release.

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Has this been added to UiPath yet? and if so how do I accomplish it? I’m able to view all the information regarding the target but not copy it to another activity