Copy one Form from One Workflow to another


What are the Conditions To Copy one Form from One Workflow to another ?


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Have a look at this thread to resolve this issue

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please give us more details on your case
currently we can not see if copy /paste /invoke workflow will not serve

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Hi @hsendel ,

Thanks @Robinnavinraj_S for tagging.

in my opinion we could use simple invoke work flow activity instead of copy one form from one sequence to another. We can create form in one sequence and we can call this sequence from another work flow by using invoke work flow activity. please refer the below video tutorial for further guidance.

if my understanding is wrong please share the screenshot or elaborate your issue more to get good guidance from our forum members. thanks.

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Hi @ppr , It’s simple, I have created one Form( Using : UiPath.Form.Activities), than I want to use it in another New BOT, just to avoid repeating the same activity from scratch, and when using Cop/Paste, didn’t work !!! do we need to have both workflows in same folder?

check the option to offer the xaml within the different projects by integrating it with symbolic links

so one XAML is feeded to different projects, but redundant copy paste is avoided and we can edit on single location

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Thanks @ppr for this info which is new for me, I know only normal shortcuts, but this is not exactly what I mean, I want only copy one activity (which has Form Activity on it ) from one BOT to another.

this is the confusing part as:

  • copy paste
  • extracting to a workflow with right click on activity - extract as workflow - invoke workflow file

could serve

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Hi @hsendel ,

Copy pasting is not working means some dependency packages are not there in the second Machine. please make sure that you are using UiPath form activities package imported in the second bot studio and it should be identical to your first machine studio. And cant we have this form one sequence and we can copy this sequence and paste it in the second machine project folder so that we can use invoke work flow activity to invoke this form. sharing my thoughts about your issue. thanks.

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