Workflow issue when I make a copy to another machine


When I make a copy of the process to another machine the invoke workflow activity is not the same.

there is no Open Workflow, no Import Arguments like I used to see it


the packages are the same and the studio version also

Please help :slight_smile:

HI @Denislav_Vladimirov

Downgrade your System.activities


Downgrade your package to 22.4.5 @Denislav_Vladimirov


Hello @Denislav_Vladimirov
It’s due to the package which not support in the copied machine’s uipath version

Kindly downgrade the activity version it will work

thank you for the answer
my version is 21.10.4 and i can’t upadate to 22.4.5. because i don’t have access to myget due to security policy.
On my machine it’s ok with this version(21.10.4), but on another machine with the same version(21.10.4) has a problem. That’s very strange. Why this can happened?

Did you copy the workflow with the Project folder or was the .xaml file alone copied to another machine?

If copied the .xaml file alone, then try to copy the whole project folder.

No, I make a copy on the folder…

I’m not sure about this, close the uipath and delete the project json file. Again open the .xaml file. Maybe its helps.
Note: Before that make a copy or backup of your whole project folder for safety

I’ve already tried that but it doesn’t work