Get data from a citrix Excel to a local excel


I’m performing an automation where a citrix application displays some data which can be exported to an excel file. This excel file immediately opens up as a remote excel file.

I cannot save this file in anyway nor access its location in the virtual environment.

I would like to copy the data from the displayed remote excel and get that into a new excel file in my own local file system as en excel file (xlsx preferably)

Currently I’m planning to do it via hot keys (ctrl +a,c) >>open a new excel file in local system and paste the data there and save it


Copy the data using the hotkeys then somehow convert clipboard data (using get clipboard) into a datatable and then writing that into an excel ( hasn’t worked properly yet)

Is there a better way to achieve this result in some way other than the above mentioned approaches?

Had to get access to the remote drive to solve the problem in the end

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