Can't open copied file with Excel

Hello, for a robot I need at some point to copy and paste an Excel file. It works, but when I try to open the copied Excel file, it doesn’t work, Excel tells me that the format is not good or that the file is damaged. However I can open the source file without any problem.

I thought the problem was that right after the copy file activity, I use a move file to move the source file to another location. So I thought that maybe the copy file activity doesn’t wait for the file to be copied completely before moving on to the next activity, and therefore the copied file was corrupted, since the next activity is moving the source file

Where do you think the problem could come from? Thanks


Can you please share the screenshot of Copy File activity and need to check how you are passing parameters. So that we can help you better to fix the issue.

Hi @Rems

First things first, whenever you are using copy/move file activity it is best practice to check if the source file path exists (path/file exits activity), then use if condition to copy/move files IF file exists.

coming to the issue, if you are not giving complete file path we might see such corrupts file errors. When I say Complete file path it includes file name with file extension.

Check your code for these, and let us know if this is helpful by marking Solution.