Want to copy a template(formatting) from a workbook to another

is it possible to copy a template (formatting) from a workbook to another.

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yah we can use COPY FILE activity
Cheers @RachelN

IS it possible for workbook @Palaniyappan

Because excel is not installed in my system

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no worries we can use workbook activities if excel is not installed
Cheers @RachelN

Am getting this error while using Copy file

From path:“C:\Users\rachel.monisha\Documents\UiPath\Converter\C_converter”

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i hope this isn’t the complete path of the file as i m not able to see .xlsx extension with the filename
–and make sure that we have access to copy that file or get the admin rights buddy
Cheers @RachelN

yes. Sorry for that .

Now i gave the full path and its working

no worries
Cheers @RachelN

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