Hello, i need supoort with oracle application automation

i have crated a robot to open Oracle application GL and used excel sheet with multiple lines to save the transactions in the application. i have used foreach row to move between the lines in excel witch is work fine. but the problem is with the application. after finishing the first record i give an order to open a new record to continue but it ignore the second record and overwrite on the first one. so how i can fix this.

Hi @mohamed.saty2012 ,

I believe as we discussed offline, we were able to solve the part of entering values to the incremental rows by introducing the idx attribute in the selector.

If this specific problem is solved we would ask you to close the topic.

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It can get fixed by introducing either of two attributes in your selector with which you are trying to interact
Use either id attribute or tablerow attribute @mohamed.saty2012
And increment it inside a loop

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