Copy Excel Chart to Word Document

I am using StudioX

I am trying to copy an Excel Chart and insert it in a Word Document

I have tried the following
Use Excel Application
Copy Excel Chart to Clipboard
Use Word Application (within the Excel Application)
Replace an existing image in the Word document by looking for the Alt-Text

However, I get the following error

Something went wrong with an Action .
Activity Replace Picture ( Word Replace Picture ) failed:
The path is not of a legal form.
You can find the activity following this path:
Main > Use Excel File > Use Word File > Replace Picture.

I have also tried by reversing the order - Using the Excel Application within the Word Application, but get the same error.

Anybody able to assist please


which studiox and word package are you using? on newer version you should find the Paste Chart activity


I do have the latest version, but forgive me if I am wrong, but that option doesn’t allow me to place it in a specific position in the document

Replace picture activity awaits a path to the new picture, is not the case.
You can use Paste chart relative to text and use a keyword/placeholder in your document to search for and replace it with the chart. I know is not the ideal solution but might get you unstuck for now.