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I need to paste a chart into PowerPoint. How can I do it with Studio? I know Studiox has activity. But Studio does not seem to have.


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Hi @A_Learner

Can you please check this out


Hello @A_Learner

Please check the below post. If you can use the custom activity you can install it from UiPath Go.

So you can create the chart in the excel and then export that to powerpoint.

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Might I ask what Studio version and what Presentation activities package version are you using ? Asking this because for some time now the default way of interacting with PowerPoint and Excel has been the one that was spearheaded in StudioX . All you have to do is to enable the show modern flag .

After that it becomes as easy to perform tasks in Studio as is in StudioX.

In your case the following should do the trick

Hope this helps,

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Thank you. I tried the same. The content place holder is giving me error.

In which way ? Aka can you post a print screen of your project and the error that is being thrown :smiley:


Thanks @dragos.suma
It did work. Is it possible how to paste multiple pages into multiple slides?

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