Copy and Paste Individually

Can anyone assist in sharing with me how I can filter two different columns individually and copy to different data to the same sheet (but have the system to detect that if a cell is written, it will move to the next row) and it wouldn’t override each other?

For example, looking at the picture below, I would like to filter ‘hired date’ and ‘resignation date’ individually to obtain their Employee Code - 1st Column.
(See highlighted columns)

Assuming I would like to filter July 2021 for hired date and then resignation date. For hired date, the results will be:

While the resignation date, the result will be:

So if I put ‘Indicate in Excel’, it would override, which only result in the sheet that I will copy to to only include the resignation filter only.

This is the final template that I would like the system to paste the TGI on under Employee Staff ID. (Indicated in red colored box - 1st Column Final Template)

Here is a sample file:
Copy of RPA sample data and template - Copy(1)(1).xlsx (13.8 KB)

I had already done vlookup formula, so just have to get the system to put the TGI under employee staff id no.

Hi @Reynard_Tan

This :point_right:post might help woth data table filter

Hope this helps