Copy and paste entire column in excel using

I need to copy colum from B1:C55 and store the entire column in a variable and paste the column the pasting part should happen in loop,do only one time I need to copy and paste till the loop finish in

Sure, have you tried the Excel Copy and Paste Range Activity?

I have to run in loop so I can’t opened excel each and every time

Sure, why would you?

If you are using Copy Range in an Excel Application Scope then deactivate the Visible property in there. It does copying and pasting the range in the background.

In my code the loop run 49 times so when I use excel app scope I will get the excel has been opened by someone

Ok… Not sure what we can do about that. Ask that someone to close the file!

A good idea would be to put the loop inside the Excel Application Scope. That way you open it only once but you can paste any number of times.