How to copy entire column from one excel to another excel

I need to copy from B1 to C55 from one excel and paste it in new excel

Hi @sruthesanju

steps to be followed

  1. read range (Give your range)
  2. Write Range in the destination excel (i.e, New Excel )

Note : I have used Workbook activities
If you use Excel Activities you need to use inside "Excel Application Scope " Activity

If you need to copy a entire column from one excel to other
Follow the steps

  1. read range (Give range as “”)
    2)Use Filter Datatable and refer the screen shot for steps(Store in the new datatable variable)
  2. Write Range
    Datatable: The new datatable created in Filter datatable .(i.e DT2)
    Path: The New Excel file in which you need to add the column


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Let’s make it in a simple method

  1. Use a excel application scope and pass the file path as input and use read range activity where mention the range as
    And enable or disable add headers property based on your requirement
    And get the output as dt - datatable variable

  2. Now next to excel scope activity use a WRITE RANGE activity from Workbook activities
    Search as workbook in activity panel and get write range

In that mention the input as dt
And mention the range you want or leave it empty which will write from “A1” and enable or disable add headers as per the need

That’s it
You are done

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @sruthesanju