Copy the Excel Column Data and Paste As values only

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Let me put my query here

My requirement is I need to copy column data from excel and paste special As values in another sheet.
I have tried Copy paste Range Activity It’s working fine But It is taking more time when the Excel records(Rows) Count is >500.

Can anybody provide me the .net code to Do the same as above.

Thanks in Advance.

You can use macros for this

Sub CopyFormulaU(Counter as String)

Sheets(“Sheet1”).Range(“A2:A” & Counter & “”).Copy
Sheets(“Sheet2”)Range(“B2:B” & Counter & “”).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
End Sub

Try this where Counter is total number or rows, passed as a argument from invoke vba activity.

This is copying and pasting from one sheet to another sheet.

Let me know if you want to copy data from one excel to another excel.
In place of Sheet1, Sheet2 you can give your sheet name.


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