Excel column copy data

i want to copy previous column data (All values) and paste it into next column so how can i do that ?

Hey @Mayur_Pawar,
You can use

Copy Paste Range Activity

to copy and paste.


so in above excel i’m able to insert column but i want to copy all the property and data of column 2015 i.e previous column and want to paste into next blank column with name 2016 .

Do u need to copy all the properties of that column also?

yes coz that column has formula so i need to carry forward.

Use read range activity and provide the range of the column that u want to read and in the properties panel check the Preserve Format option. Then use the write range activity.
Try to use this.


I suggest you to using invoke code to copy data like below.

yRange1.Value = xRange1.Value