Convertion of AskGPT output to string

Hi Team,

In UI Path, how to convert the output of AskGPT activity to String?
Please advise me on this

Yuvarani D

After the AskGPT activity, you will have a variable that holds the output.
Let’s assume you’ve named it “askGPTOutput.”

Use an Assign activity to convert the output to a string.

YourStringVariable = askGPTOutput.ToString

In this way you can convert to string


hi @mpraveen1902

I tried the way as you said, but am getting the output in message box as below(error uploaded)

Hi @ydhanabalan ,

We would recommend to check the Output representation in the Immediate Panel and get the required key to access the value. A Demo/implementation is shown below :

Debug Panel :

Expression to be used :


Assuming key “answer” would always be present in the output.

Also note that AskGPT is going to be deprecated soon :

ohh, then using this activity wont be helpful for my project after Sep25th, 2023.

Then what is the replacement for this? Do we need to integrate AI with UiPath?

Hello @ydhanabalan


Since the datatype is list, that means it contains multiple values.

You can get all the values in one string with String.Join(“,”,TestSkills)

Hi @ydhanabalan

As a replacement for Ask GPT activity, you can now use the Generative extractor through the Extract Document Data activity as part of the DocumentUnderstanding.Activities package available for Cross Platform Projects in Studio and Studio Web.

please refer below link

GPT Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview

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