Ask GPT activity in Marketplace - DEPRECATION

Hello everyone,

Ask GPT activity published in Marketplace 5 months ago has seen significant adoption all over the world, and now it’s time for more official integration with Document Understanding - into the feature called Generative Extraction (currently in Public Preview - but soon to go GA).

More specifically, as a replacement for the OpenAIConnection Scope in this Marketplace package, we strongly recommend you use the Integration Service Connector, see the official documentation page for details.

As a replacement for Ask GPT activity, you can now use the Generative extractor through the Extract Document Data activity as part of the DocumentUnderstanding.Activities package available in Studio and Studio Web. The Ask GPT activity itself will be deprecated and will stop working on September 25th 2023. Any workflows still using this activity will stop working on that date.

For those of you who prefer the IntelligentOCR framework in Studio, we will also release Generative Extractor and Generative Classifier as part of the DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities during the month of September 2023. Please monitor the Release Notes page for this package.

Happy automating!

Your friendly Document Understanding team.

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