Converting the Column to text

Hi All,

In an excel, i need to convert column

Is there any expression, to change with a single attempt.

@sudhasagar I guess you need to just change the Datatype of the Column, After Reading the Excel File, Can you give a Try on using Datatable Change Column type Activity.

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Refer this :
test.xlsx (6.0 KB) Main.xaml (11.5 KB)

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What u said, i tried. Still it is not accurate

There are few missing packages in workflow
Can u say what era those, so i can install those packages

@sudhasagar Can you try using Read Range in Excel Application Scope and after Reading the File , Just Write the Datatable to Another Sheet and Check if it gets Converted. I tried with a sample and it got Converted .

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I’ll try

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I am just using send hotkey activity