Convert Excel column type

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I have an excel sheet . I would like to change the column type , for example if the excel column D is of type General , I would like to change it to type Number . Is there any way this can be done without the robot opening the excel ? Through a VBA code or any other method ?



I guess it’s possible with VBA code and passing Marcos and all.

If it is fixed then do one thing create one Excel template with all predefined column types and then use Write Range activity to write into this file.

Hi Lakshman ,

Thanks. It’s not fixed . The Excel sheet is generated from an ERP application which is dynamic .

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I guess no.of columns and it’s type same right.

Will Columns also change ?


You can do it using Excel.Extensions Activities, which is a latest package from UiPath.
Need to include that in your process from Package manager then try with the following xaml.
FileNameConversion.xaml (5.4 KB)