Converting IEnumerable<Object> into IEnumerable<string>


So I have “Read Column” activity to capture list of e-mails. Now I would need to convert this into IEnumerable to be able to use it in the “send outlook mail message” activity.

How do I do that?



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May I know how you would like to use it in sen outlook mail activity
Cheers @MikkoL

I have attachment file paths in the column. So I would like to attach multiple attachments into the e-mail.

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Can you try the following?

ienumrablestring = ienumerbleobject.Select(function(x) x.toString)


We can pass all the values with file path as attachment collection in send outlook mail activity with a list variable attached
So to convert the ienumerable to list(of string)
Use this expression
list_string = x.value).ToList()
Were this list_stting variable can be pass as input to attachment collection property in send outlook mail activity so that those file path will be referred

Cheers @MikkoL


Try something like this,

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