Creating a dynamic list of files to attach to Send Email Activity

We have recently created an Outlook 365 connection in Integration Services. I am trying to send emails through a Loop that will attach different files for each email. In previous activities, Send Email attachments were an Array. In SendMailConnection activity, the attachments is an iEnumerable(iResource). Does anyone know how to add values to this variable type or know how to feed file paths to the Collection Builder in the UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities.Mail.SendMailConnections?

Bit of a cloogy workaround, UiPath didn’t really think this through.

I tried using path exists but it gives me an error that the object doesn’t exist

Show how you have it configured.


You can use in argument to attach the files or maybe before send email create a list , and add the paths in collection using add to collection activity,

use [ath exist n then add.

then , mention collection var in the properties.

Please try n let me know,

In this new activity, SendMailConnections, the variable is type iEnumerable. Its not accepting list or collection and you get this message:

I have the same issue… Did it Resolve?