Get attachments from one email to send in another

Hi, I am trying to get attachments from one email to send in another email, but it won’t let me due to its types, and I don’t know how to change the type of the input of Send Outlook Message.

The error text in the second image says:
“Cannot convert from System.Net.Mail.AttachmentCollection to System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of string) because System.Net.Mail.Attachment has not been derived from String, which is necessary for the generic Out-parameter T in Interface IEnumerable(Of Out T)”

if you want to save attachment first use save attachment activity then get files from directory and send to another receiver

Is there no way to do this without saving them?

no you should save attachment then you can send

Ok, i have been googling a bit but havent found a way to get the correct downloaded attachment, do i need to hardcode a specific path to the file?

yeah you can hardcode specific path and after again use directory.getfiles(“path downloaded”)
next pass that array var to send mail activity in collection of attachment property

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