Converting excel text in a column into email format Microsoft Outlook

Hi all, to give context, I am building an RPA which extracts data from an excel sheet and then sends either an email or meeting slot through Microsoft Outlook using those data. However, my RPA compiles the text into a single line on Outlook despite the fact that I have formatted the text in the excel cells as though i am sending a professional email. Please kindly advise my next step thank you.


Instead of plain text…use isbodyhtml proeprty and send html text…for example if you need new like use <br> it would add a line break


Hello @jinglim_5
By Using HTML, it is possible.
Refer to this thread, you may get some idea

Hi @jinglim_5

Create a text file , put this in that file

Use Read text activity(output:emailBody)

In the send outlook activity
In the body section use this variable : emailBody)

Hope this helps