How to Write Excel Data in "PIVOT" sheet in Outlook Email Body in Send Outlook Mail Message Activity UiPath |

How to Write Excel Data in Outlook Email Body in “OUTLOOK” Using Send Outlook Mail Message

Create Body in Email Body


  2. EXCEL : PIVOT sheet:

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Hi @Ashok_kumar7 ,

If you are allowed to use custom activity. Please try the below custom package from UiPath market place help you to convert datatable to html content so that we can assign the html text to send outlook mail messages as email body so that we will be able to send excel data as table in the email body. please refer the below custom it might helpful. thanks.

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Thank you @kirankumar.mahanthi1 bro…

in Excel - Pivot sheet its dynamically change when data added regurarly
names also changes how to set html body for that…

thank you in advance

Ok bro. I don’t know whether my understanding correct. In that case after refreshing the pivot table use the workbook read range to read the latest pivot data into datatable and use custom package to convert the datatable to html table and assign the html text to email body property in send out look mail message activity. Thanks.

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