Convert XML to HTML


Is there any package in UiPath to convert XML file to HTML ?
Please do help out.

Swapna. S

it is depending to your XML and XHTML structure and complexity

some of more options are:

  • text template and populating/replacing placeholders with the XML
  • API for updating / generating XHTML Fragments
  • XML Stylesheet Transformations via API
    XML and XSLT

For going further may we ask you to share a sample XML and expected output HTML with us? Thanks

Hi @ppr ,
Can you please tell whether there is any package to convert HTML to CSV ? I have tried Data scrapping. But , We need an activity to convert HTML data to CSV .

HTML Table → DataTable → CSV
in general we do this with datasceaping

But also have a look here on the marketplace like:

what is blocking you?

kindly note: Yout topic title is mentioning something different.

Maybe you will elaborate more on your business case

If you still searching for that, here is a video on how to convert HTML to DataTable: UiPath | Convert HTML String To DataTable using LINQ query | HTML To Table | LINQ Tutorials - YouTube
After that you can write this table in CSV file!