how to conver Excel data to Html

how to read excel data and convert into html

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Hi @Bindu_sai

Look into the video


Tq for the infofrmation


We have a HTML Editorr already in our mail activity in UiPath

Search for activity named SEND MAIL
Which Sends an email from the specified email account. This activity must be added inside a Use Outlook 365 , Use Gmail , or Use Desktop Outlook App activity.

Steps involved are as follows

  1. First get the data from excel using read range activity and save it as datatable named dt

Then Search for Use Desktop Outlook app activity

  1. Inside that have a Send mail activity

  2. Now you can see Open editor button where you can just have format on how a HTML data should like

You can have your datatable embedded in that text

Check this doc for more example

Cheers @Bindu_sai