Ability to create diagrams without the need to capture actions

Hi team,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your efforts in improving your products everyday:)

We are using Task Capture 2021.4 in our organization currently.

Using that, we realized if there is also an ability to create flowcharts, architectural diagrams just like other Flowcharts designing tools(Visio etc), would be great.

I understand Task Capture is centred around an ability to create documentations easier.
But this already provides us almost all features to create a diagram needed for documentation or designing purposes.

Currently, we can create a diagram but post that we have to make sure to “Capture actions” for each step otherwise that activity keeps showing “Capture actions now” part.

So in a way, stuff is already there to utilize task capture for flowcharts designing purposes but in a little restricted way.

So I think it can be improved further a bit which gives an options on whether a user wants to capture actions for a particular step or just wanna use it just as a diagram.

Workaround is there currently - capture actions for that step and don’t use it, then export as jpg… But this is a little overhead, so giving an option would provide more flexibility.

Looking forward to hearing your inputs on same.


Task Capture actually gives you the UiPath activites, xaml etc it’s not creating a flowchart.

Hi @postwick,

Yes task capture does give xaml but it also gives an ability to create process diagrams(flowcharts as well) to be included in process documentations along with an option to save diagrams as jpg files.

Its just that when you create those diagrams, you need to capture actions for that activity to record its screenshots etc.

So, if this mandate is removed, it can also work simply for creating diagrams(without capturing any actions) and just saving them as jpg.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47, I recommend considering using Assisted Task Mining which allows you to diagram graphs without capturing data.