Convert workflow to custom activity

Hi All,

I am trying to build a custom activity. I want to know if we can use the .nupkg file we get from publishing our workflow to build a custom activity. If yes, how can we do it ?
I already have a detailed workflow created and would like to add that as a custom activity for local use.


Hi @rav

To complete this:

  • Publish the workflow as ‘Custom’ then select the local folder you wish to save it to.
  • In your other projects, use the manage packages functionality to add the .nupkg file to your project.

Hi @nlee1131 ,

Thanks for the quick response. I tried the steps mentioned, and the package gets added to my dependencies - but am not able to find the activity in my activities drop down. Adding screenshots for ur reference.

Workflow : very simple - integer input - string output. Example : Input - 5; Output - Happy5


  1. I click publish and add the package to uipath packages in the local system.
  2. Install using Manage Packages


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I solved it. Thanks @nlee1131. Had to do the same steps using “libraries” in uipath .

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