Convert windows application to web application

i want to convert Bot studio.exe to web application . The exe has many activity like mail component,excel component,httpClient contents.

All these must be converted to webapplication…

Can i right click .exe then in properties write some to convert to web application.



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May I know why you want to convert it to web application ?

Hi @Guhananth_S
Are you planning to convert into Custom Activity

Ashwin S

We have created Botstudio as .exe file. i want to convert all activities into web application. how can i do it ?
All the mail component,excel activities etc in toolbar must be convert to web application tool bar. user can then plug an play with these toolbar and create activity.


We can’t convert these activities into web application.

All the activities seen in windows bots must come in web to achieve this.


All the activities are created as custom activities in windows bots studio.i want the same custom activities in web application.