Creating exe file

Hi, I have a case where my client wants to create an exe file icon from an RPA program that has been created in UiPath studio which will only appear when the robot/studio is not in use, so I’m trying to find some references to make it happen. Can someone recommend or tell me how to create an exe file with in UiPath Studio?

I Have read some of question in this forum that also ask about exe file but the solution is no longer work because of the update.

Hi @yulliaspp,

The request your client has cannot be achieved by only using UiPath studio.

I recommend you slightly change the approach. Using the UiRobot.exe you can create a .bat file, which can later be invoked in any programming language supporting command line execution of a .bat file.

Please refer to the thread, where I show how you can first create a bat file and then run it from a .net program. The same can be achieved from other programming lanugages : .net robot launching question - Help / Robot - UiPath Community Forum

Hope this helps your client understand that not everything can converted to an .exe file. You should communicate to them why this is not possible and guide them to a solution which you feel comfortable with and know is robust.


Hello @jeevith, Sorry for late respons. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try it first

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