Challenges rebuilding bots from Automation Anywhere to UIPath



Conversion of automation anywhere bots to UiPath bots has anyone did this. if yes, please provide your suggestions, challenges, and approach. Any kind of feedback is really appreciated related to conversion of bots. Thanks


Hi @ak20

I do not think this is possible mainly because UiPath workflows would be in XAML and I am not sure about Automation Anywhere, so as per my understanding it is not doable for now.

I am sorry if someone has already done this then you might get some help.



Hey @ak20

UiPath Generates .xaml and Automation Anywhere Generates .ATMX Files.

The .ATMX file is just an XML File and all the data inside has a meaning for AA alone - it does not follow a standard pattern.

Existing Thread Reference - Migration of .ATMX to .XAML



Thanks for your response.


Thanks for your response. what are the things we should be looking for re-development of bots or processes for potential challenges and risk.