Convert .txt to PDF and PDF to .txt

Hi Ui Forum,

I am created new custom activity.Please use it and let me know if you have any issues.

[Convert .txt to PDF and PDF to .txt - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace]
User_Guide.docx (41.8 KB)

Omkar P


Hi , We have been facing issue by using this activity. We tried to use it for .Txt to .PDF but
getting error as ‘The Directory name is Invalid’ .

Can you please help us in this.

check your directory path from the local panel in debug mode.

The directory path should be ending with ‘/’ if you have only the file name and extension to concatenate.

Yeah , we tried everything. But getting same error .

Sorry for the late reply

Please try to keep your input files in separate folder give that folder path

Note : don’t give file path

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Thank you. It worked. The activity is converting all .Txt files from the folder into PDF . We were trying to convert a particular file , that is where all went wrong.

Its a great activity which decreases dev efforts to almost zero. Thanks for this.

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Hi! Thanks for the helpful tips! Could you please tell me heic to png converter? I really need it for my studies, because I’m given homework and without such a converter it’s hard for me to do it. If anyone knows, can you advise me?