Convert text file to pdf file in uipath

Hi All,
I have a text file and i have to convert to pdf file using uipath?
Please post your answers
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Hello @317-Hemalatha_G ,

Here what you can do is Write the text from file to a Word document and then convert that to pdf.

Read Text file->Set bookmark content (Word package)->Save document as PDF(Word package)
'You can refer the below video to understand the boomark and the way to write to Word document.

Hey @317-Hemalatha_G,

Kindly go through the below thread this might can help you.


Hey @317-Hemalatha_G


  1. You will need to read the text file contents into a string

  2. Write the contents to a Word file

  3. Publish it as PDF



Thank u for the solution it helped.

Great @317-Hemalatha_G, Thanks !