Image to PDF Convert Activity

I’m New For Uipath Studio I want Convert Image to Pdf File .
So Any Activity Available for convert image to pdf in uipath studio
Please Guide me

Which activity Use ,Which Package need to install for Image As Pdf Activity
Attach link is not open

You have to download the package from manage packages and click install.

Add Image to pdf convert Activity in job but getting error .
please Guide me to resolve issue

Please expand the file path property and send the screenshot

please check attached screenshot

Hi @ashwini.mali

Have you provide the image format correctly ?


yes,Please check

Have you give extension of the PDF in the PDFFolderPath ? @ashwini.mali


Hi @ashwini.mali,

You should not provide pdf file name in PDF folder path.Try to eliminate file name alcon.pdf from pdffolder path

changes done as per above comment but still getting error

Hi @ashwini.mali

You should remove the file name for Both Image and PDF



@ashwini.mali As @Gokul001 said, including slash you need to remove the file name from both image and pdf folder path

Remove file name including slash but stiil error getting please guide me

Please guide Me

Can you share the Input Image with us @ashwini.mali

Hi @ashwini.mali ,

What is the input type that you have in the folder ? Are those pdf types or image types ? The error states that it encountered a PDF type and hence not able to convert the PDF type to image.

Let us know the input formats used or a Screenshot of it.

input format is image(.png) i want to convert it into pdf
Alcon.png is input file