Convert to Windows - Error: Insert Image to PDF


after converting existing project to Windows, I’ve got this error on dependency:

Is there a possibility to solve it & where to search for solution
or I will have to search for another solution?

Thx and kind regards,

Hi @VanjaV

Some of the packages are still not available in the Windows compatability

For Now you can roll back to Windows - legacy


Hi @VanjaV ,

I believe that Package has not been updated with the latest .Net 6 compatibility, Hence you would not be able to use it with Windows Compatibility mode in Studio.

Maybe a Request to the Author to perform the conversion or Update the version could be helpful.

In the meantime, you would have to either shift to Windows-Legacy or use a Code/Workflow Approach to perform the same task. We could maybe help in doing this task, if we can get more details of what is to be performed/How was the Activity working for your case.

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For converting Open your project json @VanjaV

Change the target framework from windows to legacy

After changing

Note: For safety purpose before changing data in project json get a backup of the project


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