Export pdf as image

i’ve encountered this error:

Suddenly, activity “export pdf page as image” has started to fail, it comes with the package Uipath.PDF.Activities. However, this seems to be unstable behaviour, bc until now it has never asked for any licence.

Hi @kuzinyd,
I tested this mentioned activity from my side and all seems to be working fine. Are you sure that you are using activity from mentioned Official UiPath package? Can you show your workflow?

Edit: Seems that your error refers directly to the document you are trying to convert. Your document seems to use some kind of strange library inside. (not sure about it).

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Hi @Pablito,
Thak you for your reply,updating the package from Manage Packages resolved this issue.


Indeed, please use PDF library version 3.0 or higher, especially in conjunction with the IntelligentOCR package (which is also recommended to be 3.0 or higher).

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